Butterfly JuM Shepherd (Unknown Type) Adult Female for sale in Boise, Idaho

My story
Name:Butterfly. Move over Super Man, you might have an S on your chest, but I litterally have a super hero patch in the shape of a beautiful white lacey butterfly on my chest. I was borned this way, no sewing or skin tight leotard required.Best Dance Move:The caterpillar of course! Yall saw that coming right! My best move is to get down low to advertise my tummy as available for rubs.Favorite Song:Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera, thats right, you better rub me the right way.Age/Weight/Breed:Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Okay, I will give it in furreal words. I am 3 years old, a nice compact 37 pounds and a perfect fawn colored mix em up pup that in San Antonio always comes with the standard label Shepherd or Lab mix. But more likely I am a Heinz 114, that is when a Heinz 57 and a Heinz 57 get twogether.Temperament:No puppy antics here, I dont want any trouble or to be labeled a mischief maker. I am wonderful around people and other dogs. I come in peace and I hope you also come in peace, but really peaces of chicken or weenies would be better. I take treats as gently as a butterfly toot and walk nicely on a leash. I am crate trained too! I am a good girl.Origin:I was at the animal shelter and having a hard time being noticed in a sea of brown doggies. And I dont want to be rude, but honestly it smelled like doggies butt there and it was too loud, so that made me feel scared. I didnt like it. I am feeling relief to be outta there.Word of the Day:Muttamorfursis. A change of the form or nature of a thing into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. In my case it was supernatural means of a Super Hero Rescue Lady that changed me from sad scared shelter dog to happy content rescue dog. Medical: Unfurtnately I failed my heart worm test, but honestly, it was a pop quiz and I didnt get a chance to study! Maybe studying would have helped. Oh, the test doesnt work like that. Its okay, Gods Dogs Rescue has already started me on my heartworm treatment so soon I will pass the test with flying colors, flying colors like a butterfly!Ideal Home:I wouldnt mind being an apartment doggie or having a big yard. I am not picky. I will just be filled with gratitude that you chose me. I am almost done with my heartworm treatment and you can go ahead and apply for me, I can move in with you quite soon.

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